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VIVACIOUSmb was founded by a Husband & Wife who share the same values and outlook on life and one of their core values is Wellbeing. Gintas & Lenka are also passionate about helping others and believe, that every persons quality of life has huge impact on their social circle.

Their mission is to help as many individuals they can so the world will be filled with millions of positive and fulfilled people. 

Gintas Indriliunas


Gintas coaching journey began in 2009 when he became a personal trainer.  Ever since, he has helped his clients to improve their body, mind and quality of life. Through the years of experience Gintas learned how to tailor wellness programmes to different types of goals, personalities and lifestyles. He believes that change comes from within, meaning when you have control of your mind you have control of your body and life.

Lenka Indriliunas

Co-founder and Managing Director

Lenka's journey began in catering and working in the corporate world in 2009. She recognised that we are living in a time when everyone is so busy and stressed, often suffering from depression and lacking the right support.


Lenka's purpose has always been helping others and so her main focus naturally became wellbeing and mental health. As a head of her department, she was trying to find the best way to support her team in challenging times, so she become Mental Health First Aider and qualified MHFA instructor. Lenka is now grateful she can nurture her purpose in everyday life and share it with others.


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