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We help busy professionals, CEOs, business owners to optimize their Life, Mind & Body. 1-2-1 sessions can be done at your home, office, gym and online. We helped thousands of people to improve their life, now it is your turn.

Why Personal Coaching?

Most clients come to us because they:

Want to develop better habits

Want to improve posture

Want to get fit

Want to have set time commitment

Don't know how to start

Don't have motivation

Want optimal solution

Tried things before and didn't help

Don't have much experience

Want to get in shape

Can't seem to stay on track

As your personal coach, we will gain an understanding of your current life, help set meaningful and structured goals, and tailor the plan to achieve these goals.

Why Us?

We truly care about you

We will help you with your mindset

Highly experienced personal trainer

We will help you to develop better habits

We will provide ongoing meetings & support

We will keep you accountable for your actions

You will have a clear pathway of how to reach your health & fitness goals

We work just with a limited number of people to make sure that everyone gets the right care

Why Now?

There is never a better time to start than now. The longer you procrastinate from taking action the more your health, fitness, and life will get out of control.

Imogen Walker

I've noticed a real difference in the way I look and feel since starting to training with Gintas. I'd recommend him to anyone, whether they're staring a basic fitness routine or, like me, have been exercising for years but have got stuck in a rut. It's hard work but fun, and every session is different, which means it's never boring. Definitely worth it

Gareth Hazzelby

Although I had been a regular gym-goer for almost a year, I was starting to lose momentum and enthusiasm and realized that I needed some assistance to help get more out of my visits, otherwise I'd probably end up by not going at all. This is when I got in touch with Gintas. After just a few sessions I started to notice a difference, with a change in shape, weight loss and increased fitness levels, and improved balance and co-ordination. Gintas ensures every session is different, challenging and important for me never boring. As someone who is not naturally sporty or athletic, Gintas's patience and perseverance have been important. He knows when it is the right time for me to move on to the next level, as a result, I have attained targets that I would never have considered trying. I'd happily recommend Gintas to anyone, be they novices or an experienced gym user who needs an overhaul their regular exercise regime.

Morgan McSweeney

I can't recommend Gintas highly enough. I started working with him to get into better shape and in just a few short weeks I have noticed a big difference. Gintas is an outstanding instructor and has an in-depth understanding of fitness, techniques and diet.

What Is Included?

Online Meetings.....1-2-1 PT sessions.....Assessments.....Goal setting.....Crushing obstacles.....Workout plans.....Nutrition coaching.....Online app.....Mind coaching


Posture Assessment - using my National Academy of Sports Medicine corrective exercise specialization I will identify your overactive and under-active muscles to reduce pains and aches and improve your mobility and flexibility


Nutrition Assessment - using in-depth questionnaire I will identify what are your nutritional habits, preferences, and requirements

Fitness Assessment - you will need to perform and my given exercises to identify your current fitness level, so I could build a most suitable exercise program

Lifestyle Assessment - using in-depth questionnaire I will assess your current lifestyle, habits, and readiness to fit the whole program around your lifestyle

Preparation - once completed all of the assessments you will need to follow the steps to prepare yourself for the start of your transformation


Planing - based on your lifestyle we will map out what needs to be done and by when setting realistic and achievable goals. 


Meal Planning - I will calculate your nutritional requirements and advise you on the best times to eat depending on your energy requirements.

Food Shopping List - You will receive a list of foods you can choose for your meal prep.

Customized Exercise Programme (Home & Gym Based) - I will be using your assessment data to build you a customized workout program suited to your body and goals. This will take into account your current ability, exercise preferences, and available exercise equipment. Whether it is home or gym based, the workout will suit you


Corrective Exercise Plan - Based on your posture assessment I will create a corrective exercise plan to improve your posture


Mobile App - you will be using the app to access your workouts and track them. I will be using the app to track your workouts, progress, nutrition, measurements etc.

Regular one to one - I will see you 6-7 times per month for one to one training and support. This is the time when we will concentrate on your technique, effort and overcoming obstacles.

Check-ins - You will be tracking your food intake, habits and workouts through the app where I will be able to check daily to make sure you stay on track. Each week you will be submitting your photos and measurements for review.


Monthly Online Meeting -  Once per month all of my clients join the webinar where we will talk about the topic of the month, overview what obstacles people are facing and how to overcome them. Finish the webinar with the visualization exercise.

Progress Tracking -  Twice per month we will check your measurements, and overview your progress to make sure you are on track.

Ryan Wylie

Gintas has got me mixing up each of my training sessions to focus on different muscles, he's helping me get my diet right for what I want and without being aggressive knows when he can put a bit more pressure on the workout. He keeps the workout interesting and helps to keep you motivated. I've got more energy and focus after just a few weeks. It's worth chatting to Gintas about what you want to achieve as I'm sure he'll be able to help you.

Gavin Houghton

I didn't have the discipline to do an hour work out twice a week and really work hard, so I arranged for a personal trainer. Gintas works out a different session every time, which is really great for not getting bored and he's very good at keeping up the pressure without being hard. I have definitely started to see changes in my body and have more energy. I would highly recommend Gintas

Victoria Adams

Training with Gintas has totally transformed my outlook on physical fitness. His training sessions are intensive, effective, and are showing great results. Gintas keeps it fun yet challenging with sessions that are never the same, and he pushes me to a point in training that I could not reach alone. Thanks to his help with training and diet, the results I’ve achieved so far with Gintas are far better than those achieved on my own or with any other trainer in the past. If you want to work hard, be pushed and get results then Gintas is the trainer for you. Cannot recommend him enough!

What's Next?

We work with people who want to make life-lasting change and not to have just a quick fix, we will work with you if you understand the value of investing in your health and in personal development.

The next step would be to submit your details below so we could arrange a call where we will discuss your current situation and explain how we can help.

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