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BODY - is designed to help your team to identify their fitness level, body composition, posture imbalances and help them to make improvements in all these areas.

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Team Fit And Healthy?

Reduce Sick Leave

Improve Focus

Improve Productivity

Improve Energy Levels

Improve Confidence

Reduce Stress

Why Us?

Gintas developed structure and systems which he used to help thousands of people to get in better shape.

All your team will have access to a Personal Trainer Advice through messages or email.

All of your team will have a clear pathway of how to reach their fitness goals.

We will keep your staff accountable for their progress.

We will provide ongoing workshops/seminars to support your staff.

We work just with a few companies this way we can make sure that the team receives our full support.

Why Now?

More and more people are stressed, busy out of shape and this has a direct impact on their performance at work. There is never better time to start then now. Start improving your team and business health.

What Is Included?

Online PT advice


Workout Videos


Workshops/Group Sessions

What's Next?

We work with companies who really care about their team and has similar values as we have. We only work with a few companies because we want to give full attention to their teams. 

Next step would be to submit your details below so we could arrange a meeting where we will go through your requirements and explain how we can help.

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