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Why Remote Coaching?

  • Stay Safe: You are in control of your own environment, workout and be coached at the comfort of your home or anywhere you like.
  • ​Save Time: No need to travel anywhere... Just use your phone, tablet or laptop to workout and meet your coach
  • ​Workout Anywhere: If you have work trips, seeing family, going on holiday, comfortable at home or bored working out always at the same place... have us accessible in your pocket anywhere you go!
  • ​Not Just A Workout: Where most gyms, or other trainers concentrate just on working out we help you with nutrition, mindset, motivation and much more! You don't need to do searching anymore.. we can give you the answers and guidance.
  • Show Up For Appointment: Have a set time where you need to show up for the session and stay accountable to the coach and other people in the community. No matter if you chose one-to-one coaching or group coaching.

In Just 7 Days You'll



  • Have increase energy and metabolism (so you burn more calories when you rest)
  • Feel more confident and focused with your fitness/nutrition and know precisely what you need to do.
  • Lose pounds and inches
  • ​Boost your immune system

After 21 Days You'll

  • Start to notice changes in your arms, stomach and legs as your body becomes toned and strong.
  • Feel much fitter, more alert and focused throughout the day
  • You'll have installed enjoyable habits for life. It takes 21 days to make or break the habit; by now you'll have created real momentum and nothing will stop you from looking amazing!



After 30 Days You'll



  • Your clothes will fit better and friends/family will start to pay you compliments
  • You will have a constant spring in your step
  • Your confidence will have skyrocketed You'll be shopping for new clothes and outfits for the summer
  • ​You'll never have felt so good by the time summer comes

After 6 Weeks You'll

  • You'll be at your healthiest & strongest
  • You'll have transformed your fitness
  • Your energy will be skyrocketed
  • ​You'll have increased strength 
  • ​Toned lose areas
  • ​And overall you'll feel amazing!



Join Our Group Coaching Programme To Optimise Your Health, Body & Mind, Without Losing Motivation Or Losing Track!

What Is Included... 

  • Posture Correction Coaching - To get your posture back in balance, prevent injuries and reduce pain
  • ​Nutrition Coaching - to teach you the real facts about nutrition, so you could make your own educated choices for the rest of your life
  • ​Eating Plan - so you would have an example to follow and get used to the right way of eating
  • ​Mindset Coaching - to develop better habits and improve your self control
  • ​Live Group Workouts - to push you to your abilities, to make sure you have a correct exercise technique & to keep you committed to show up for the workouts
  • ​Accountability - so you wouldn't quit until you achieve your goal 
  • ​Community - to surround yourself with the people who are serious and on the mission to make life lasting changes
  • Regular Live Q&A - to answer all of your questions and help you with struggles
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

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About US

Gintas Indriliunas
Co-founder / Personal Trainer

Gintas coaching journey began in 2009 when he became a personal trainer. Ever since, he has helped his clients to improve their body, mind, and quality of life. Through the years of experience, Gintas learned how to tailor wellness programs to different types of goals, personalities, and lifestyles. He believes that change comes from within, meaning when you have control of your mind you have control of your body and life.

Qualifications/Expertise: Hypnotherapy, Behaviour Change Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor, Boxercise Instructor, Circuit Instructor, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Gym Instructor, Nutrition Coach.

Other Achievements:
20k Tough Mudder Obstacle Course - Sparan Race
Urban Ninja Obstacle Course - 100k Bike Ride
Parachute Jump - 200kg Deadlift
150kg Bench Press
Lenka Indriliunas
Co-founder / Nutrition Coach / Mental Health Trainer

Lenka believes that nutrition has a huge impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. 
Being qualified nutritionist since 2014 she has gained wide knowledge through her personal health journey, the qualification-and trough helping clients to optimise their health, body & mind. 
Lenka is helping to change dieting mindset and short term fixes to a healthy approach by promoting a long term healthy lifestyle.

Here’s How We Ensure Your Success

Private Training

Live Video Coaching
Group Coaching Through Live Video (zoom)
Pre-Recorded Workouts
Gintas will ensure you are getting the most out of your session, your technique is correct and you are held accountable to getting the results you deserve. 

Exclusive Community

You will have complete access to our VIVACIOUS biohackers member group! You will join like minded individuals who are already crushing their goals. This helps build moral and shows you what we teach is PROVEN and it works.
Share ideas and achievements
Gintas & Lenka is sharing their knowledge and advice

Structured Plan

We remove all the confusion and help implement simple guidance that will make a big impact on your health and fitness. 
Access our structured plan online where you will find:
Mindset coaching
Nutrition Coaching
Posture correction coaching
Health Coaching


Are You a VIVACIOUS biohacker?


I don't think online training is for me...
You will be even more motivated, because I’m always there, and so is the community. Not just in sessions. We’ll hold you accountable, not just in a 1 hr PT session, but all the time. You’ll share what you’re eating, drinking, your workouts, mindset, everything. Myself and the community will be there, and we won’t accept less than the best from you.
I think I can do it on my own...
Have you ever heard the quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”? If you want a different outcome, you have to change your input. If you could do this alone, you would have done it already, wouldn’t you?
Its not a right time...
How long have you been thinking about starting and achieving goals? There’s never a perfect time.
I don't have time...
Sessions are just 20-30min long and you save time on travelling because you can do the workouts anywhere in the world. Other coaching tasks you can do at your own pace and fit it around your schedule
Will I get any eating advice?
Yes! You will get more then just advice... You will have access to coaching videos, recipes, learning material and private group where your questions will be answered.
Not sure if group coaching is for me...
Group coaching is great, you are accountable to trainer and accountable to your group. Also it is more motivating to see others going through the same process that you are
How often are the workout?
Live video group workouts through Zoom are 3 times per week. You can also access workouts videos which you can do on your own time.
Can I cancel any time?
Yes, there is no contract. We are focusing on helping our clients to get the results they want and understand that sometimes for people financial situation can change, so we made it easy to join and easy to cancel.
What workouts consist of?
We believe you should be flexible with working out anywhere, at home, outdoors, when you travel.. so all workouts are using just your own bodyweight. We believe in mastering your own bodyweight first before you need to add any equipement.


As of creating this website and offer we only have space for 30 people to secure their place, and then the waiting list will be rolled out…
You see, we’re a little bit different from other personal trainers and coaches. We DON’T concentrate just on the workout during the session. We only train people remotely and include nutrition coaching, mindset, habit development, posture correction, keep you accountable, we truly care about you
This is uncommon in the fitness world in recent years but it works for our clients and for us, as they get better results and personal attention.
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