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10 signs you're addicted to running

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

1. You own more running gear then smart clothes

2. You spontaneously start stretching in public

3. When you see a park, woodland, river and you think that would be a nice place for running

4. You wake up very early in the morning just to get your run in

5. You create a names for your running routes

6. If you schedule to run 5k or 10k and your route ends before you reach the distance you tend to run in small circles just to reach that distance.

7. You wear deep heat like perfume

8. You hoard race medals like a Magpie and have boxes of them in your spare room, the kitchen, under your bed...

9. You follow other runners on your every social media account

10. You feel jealous when you see other people running when you are not able to.

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