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Shortcut to your body transformation

Updated: Aug 24

Shortcut to your body transformation
Shortcut to your body transformation

People like to get things and want them as fast as possible, there are loads of different "best ways" and "best products" which will transform your body "Fast" but reality is different.

It is not easy to not get involved in every new trend in fitness and keep trying next new thing, it is like a maze your trying to get out of.

The real shortcut to your body transformation is having a plan and following it through without any distractions.

What most people do is start with one plan few weeks down the line they hear about new diet or a new way of exercise, so they switch to a different plan and keep switching and between these plans most likely are these moments of weakness where they do what ever they like until next Monday or next month when they will start a new plan.

Most simple plans:

Eat less then you burn to lose weight and eat good quality food

Do consistent resistance training to get stronger

Run consistently to be able to run longer distances

Eat more then you burn and do resistance training to build muscle

Every simple plan relies on structure, consistency, avoiding injuries and unsafe methods, finding the most enjoyable way of doing things to stay consistent, having accountability, building habits.

Hiring a professional helps you to create plan, structure that plan around your lifestyle, use their knowledge and experience to help you avoid injuries and use appropriate training techniques for your specific goal, have accountability.

On my lifecoaching course I have learned that every person has to take 100% responsibility on everything they do and everything they achieve, once you are able to do that you will feel in control, rather then giving that power to control you to other people, circumstances and universe around you.


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