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Vision of you

On previous blog poast I have mentioned that one of the reasons why people fail is that they don't have a vision.

Recently I was learning about NLP hand how the brain works. To have a vision is very important when it comes to goal setting and achieving the goals, even more important is to have the right and clear vision on what is it exactly you are trying to achieve, meaning you have to create a clear picture in your head.

For example if you want to lose the weight:

You need to visualise how you are looking without that extra weight and is it body fat you want to lose or weight in general, think aof ll the details. You have to paint a clear picture of how you want to look and think it that you are already there, this way your brain will be working day and night to put all the resources possible to make that internal reality (vision) real outside. Brain will work even stronger if you relate that image with the emotion of how you would feel being in that shape you dream of.

Vision is like planing a trip, you go on Internet look at the nice places where you want to go, check the photos of the actual place, ask your friends who been there to describe it, get exited about the trip and then you put all your reslueces to actually get there.

Brain needs exercise too, so visualise your goals every day, this will keep you motivated, will give you more energy and drive. Remember there always are obsticles in the way which you will need to overcome to make your vision a reality, so be ready to overcome everything what is in your way.

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